General Rules

Easy Street General Rules

ELIGIBILITY: Open only to legal residents who are 18 years of age or older at time of registration. Each registrant must submit a W9 and go through IRS verification. Employees, officers and directors of Infinity Insurance Company, its respective parent, subsidiaries, and members of the immediate families (spouse, children, parents, siblings) and persons living in the same household (whether or not related) of such employees, officers and directors are not eligible.

PARTICIPATION: Easy Street participation is limited to the owners and employees of appointed agencies in good standing, with Infinity Insurance Companies. Point redemption may be suspended should there be an outstanding balance due to Infinity and/or its affiliates or if the IRS places a levy on the account.

OVERVIEW: Points may only be redeemed on Infinity Easy Street. Infinity Insurance Company shall have sole discretion to end this program or make changes to it at any time for any reason. Infinity Easy Street incentive program shall be valid until further notice.

REGISTRATION: Each participant may register only ONE time, regardless of the number of agency codes assigned to your agency. Each participant must create his or her personal account by going to and clicking on the Register button. When registering, the participants first and last name must be entered exactly as it appears in the rating software; including case sensitivity and spacing. Any activity submitted with an incorrect name, or no name, will be considered invalid and Easy Street points will not be assigned.

To complete registration, a participant must submit a W9 listing full name and social security number. Note that Business Tax ID numbers and Personal Identification numbers are not allowed. All points redeemed are taxable and subject to receive a 1099 for the amount redeemed during a calendar year. To download a W-9 form click here . Once completed please email to To ensure correct documentation of your W9 information a participant's agency code and phone number must be included when sending information to Easy Street. All information will be submitted to the IRS for verification. Easy Street points are not available for redemption until the producer's W9 information has been verified by the IRS. Upon verification from the IRS, the participant will be notified, by email, of his/her account status. EZ REWARDS CARD: Once registered, a participant may begin earning points for applications submitted based on promotions available to the participant's agency code. To view available promotions go to and click on promotions. EZ Rewardz cards are available to participants once they have accumulated 10,000 points in their Easy Street account and their W9 has passed IRS verification. The EZ Rewardz card is the property of the participant. Should the participant move to a new agency, the associated Easy Street account can be transferred to the new agency code. It is the responsibility of the participant to contact the Easy Street helpdesk by sending an email to to initiate said transfer. When your card expires please call Netspend at 1-877-562-2235 to request a new card as the cards are not sent automatically. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Netspend customer service desk by calling 1-877-562-2235. The EZ Rewardz MasterCard® is a prepaid credit card and should be handled as such. Infinity Insurance Company, Infinity Easy Street and their subsidiaries are not responsible for funds lost on the EZ Rewardz MasterCard®.

Point forfeiture: Intentional misrepresentation by the participant may result in forfeiture of points. Participation is immediately invalidated should the participant leave the agency or there is suspension or termination of the agency contract.

Earning Points: Easy Street points may be earned through daily trivia, quotes and applications. Points for applications and/or quotes are earned on new business only. An active promotion must be in progress at the time of the upload. The participant must have entered the current promotion and uploaded an application with his/her name.

Re-writes: Re-writes are not eligible for points. A policy is considered a re-write if the insured has had a policy with Infinity within the last 14 months, regardless of the agency writing the policy.

Paper applications: Paper applications are not eligible for Easy Street points.

Point Values: Easy Street points are valued at 10,000 points equaling approximately twenty-five dollars ($25). Points are awarded based on an application or quote uploading with a participant's agency code and name. Points may not be transferred from a participant to a different participant.. If allowed in your state, a participant may also earn points by supplying a correct answer to the daily trivia question. Trivia is available Monday-Friday of each week, excluding holidays.

Award points: A participant's rating software must have the participant's name listed exactly as it listed on your Easy Street profile. If a participant's name is too long to fit in the space provided, please enter all of the participant's first name and as many letters of the last name as possible. It is the responsibility of the Easy Street participant to update their profile with any name and address changes. Infinity Insurance and/or Easy Street is not responsible for points not assigning from applications or quotes due to failure of participant to update their profile. It is the responsibility of participant to notify Infinity when a change of agency has taken place. Should a participant change agencies, his/her Easy Street account can be transferred to the new agency provided the new agency is appointed with Infinity and the owner allows participation in Easy Street. Account transfers will take effect immediately upon request of the change. Infinity will not credit any points lost resulting from participant's failure to notify Easy Street of a status change.

Trivia Points: The value of all trivia questions answered correctly is 50 points. Trivia questions can only be attempted once per day.

Travel Packages: Should Infinity choose to offer travel packages, Infinity has the sole discretion to end this program or make changes at any time and for any reason. Travel packages listed are for off season travel times. A limited number of packages are available. Travel package information is as accurate as possible, but is provided 'as is'. Infinity shall have no liability for any inaccuracies contained herein. Any person participating in a travel package, acknowledges and agrees that the goods and services, including but not limited to lodging, transportation, meals and recreational activities, are provided by independent third party contractors and not by Infinity Insurance Company or its affiliates. Accordingly, Infinity makes no warranty of any kind regarding these goods and services, which are provided "as is."

By participating in Easy Street, a participant is agreeing to release Infinity and its affiliates' directors, officers and employees from any and all liability for personal injury, property damage, death, illness or accident resulting from your acceptance of or use of a travel package. Furthermore, prior to and as a condition of receipt of a travel package, you shall execute a form of release acknowledging the foregoing limitation on liability.

As with all Easy Street promotions, the participant shall be solely responsible for paying any and all taxes attributable to participant's receipt of a travel package, prize or points.

Redeeming Points

Once earned, points can be used at any time. However, points not used by March 31st of the following year they are earned will expire. For example, points earned in 2017 must be redeemed by March 31, 2018. List of promotions, tasks and points may change at the discretion of Infinity Insurance Company, at any time, without notification. Check the website for details on current promotions.